Sell your figurine

You can sell your Lladro, porcelains, antiques, retro furnitures and vintage furnitures individually or as an entire set through this Web site.

Online store of figurines of porcelain Lladro

How can I do it?

You have to REGISTER first, fill in the blanks and SUBMIT. Besides, you have to send a message to us,, indicating the articles you are interested to sell. The sales department will check out the products and make you know if they are available to be sold in our website.

Once, The sales department, approves your articles to be sold, will contact you, by mail, to make you know the sale Price in our website.

Cocowif, will retain a comission of 33% of the sale Price, plus 21% of this comission.


Sale Price:   1.000,00€

Cocowif comission: 399,30 = 330,00 (33% of 1.000,00€) + 69,30 (21% of 330,00€)

Amount for the seller: 600,70€ = 1.000,00 – 399,30

Cocowif will, always, keep you inform of the situation of your products.

When do I receive my money?

Once we sell your figurine, product or furniture, our sales department will automatically notify you by email with specific shipping instructions. If your figurine or furniture passes inspection in the accorded conditions, we will transfer the money via bank and/or Paypal; after five days from when we receive the article from you. It is our responsibility to reship to and to collect payment from our buyer.

Who pays the shipping? 

Don’t worry about the shipping!!!!! Cocowif will pay the shippment to our place or to our client place.