The company COCOWIF was founded in late 2012 in Palma de Mallorca, as an extension of the store BOSSART, located in Madrid, since 1998.

Alejandro Rojo, manager of both companies, supported by the experience and knowledge gained from his father, Jesus Rojo, decided to expand the business of Lladro, porcelains and antiques in the Balearic Islands.

We are specialized in retired, Discontinued and limited series of figurines of porcelain Lladro. We are a worldwide reference in retired and discontinued Lladro porcelains and we own the trust, recommendation and reference from the company Lladro. You can also enjoy a variety of porcelain figurines on the Lladro list of pre-productions, including porcelain figurines so rare that not even the same company Lladro can show in their museum.


Online store of figurines of porcelain Lladro


We also have a variety of Spanish porcelain (Peyro, Nao, Salvador Mallol, Algora, Martinu, Buen Retiro, ceramic Ruiz de Luna, Niveiro and Puente del Arzobispo, etc) and rest of the world porcelains (Hutschenreuther, Rosenthal, Capo di monti, Kaiser, Wedgwood, etc.).

Besides you’ll find a great variety of antiques, selected for its uniqueness and originality, in order to create something unique in your home decoration.


Online store of figurines of porcelain Lladro


Please, also ennjoy the magnificent works of art of our vintage furniture and antique furniture decorated in retro style. Don’t go without checking out our retro furniture.

The decoration products we sell on our website, are exported all over the world, and are characterized by minute detail, finesse, and try to be unique and prestigious; in order to be admired by anyone and at any time in the history.


Online store of figurines of porcelain Lladro