Lladro’s new strategy attracts new customers

Lladro’s new strategy attracts new customers

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For a high percentage of young people when they hear the name Lladro, it comes to their minds, porcelain figurines of horses, dancers, dogs with brightness, and when the foreign youths hear the word Lladro it comes to theri minds the country Spain, tapas, flamenco and beaches.

Lladro actually is and has been a global benchmark, whose humble origins, in Valencia (Spain) and the determination of the Lladro brothers led them to develope a unique craft technique for the treatment of porcelain. Juan, José and Vicente had little training. They, firstly, started working in the company, Azulejera Valenciana, in Valencia, where he learned the techniques of cooking materials implemented in a small oven, built with scrap, in the yard of the house of his parents. They developed a very curious technique up to 1300 ° C (the usual is usually 750 ° C), and eventually oust rivals who had up to 300 years old.

The formula proved to be that the ideal temperature was that bestiality, the  characteristic glaze finish of the porcelain, the stamped and the attention to detail.

The origins of the company Lladro date back to 1953, in an unstoppable principle: in 1988 they opened a shop-museum in New York nine plants, between Fifth Avenue and Central Park; and in 1997, another 1,200 square meters on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

Following the crisis, the company Lladro had to reduce staff almost up to two thirds. That’s when they met for a change of strategy and proceed to a change in his style and methods. Creating typical porcelain figurines of the past they have gone to another type of porcelain figurines and other decorative items for the current times. This problema induced to hire the services of fresh minds and innovative artists.


Lladro's new strategy attracts new customers


The most characteristic example in this change of strategy, occurred in 2004, when the prominent artista, Jaime Hayon, joined to the creative team, who elaborated pieces with a completely different ideas to the old style. He has also received other innovative artists who have given new meaning to the company Lladro as Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman or Devil Robots.

Despite this change, the creative process remains equally craft and the three Lladro brothers continue to impose all porcelain figurines and decorative elements by a relentless pass filter, undergoing trial each sketch presented by artists.

What it is clear is that the new change in the strategy, marks a turning point in the way of understanding the philosophy of Lladro. The company Lladro is not any more porcelain figurines, actually there are super lamps, decorative items for the bath, for the living room, etc.

The company has been known Lladró rebuild and back on the top of the decor.