First period Lladro porcelain figurine; ballerina pink shoe

First period Lladro porcelain figurine; ballerina pink shoe

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The company Lladro, in the beginning, had the ballet as a great inspiration, when developing their porcelain figurines.

Ballet dancers and any element of their clothing or environment had a great influence and was a strong point of inspiration for artisans.

You may ask what was the reason; Well, there is not other reason than the idea to try to capture the delicacy of the forms of movement and plasticity in the gestures of the dancers, in the figurines.

The subtlety and beauty of ballet and all that surrounds it, is one of the activities that most closely identified the philosophy of Lladro, when developing their Lladro figurines.

One aspect that has made the company Lladro successful, has been the delicacy and detail in representing the motives of porcelain figurines. The artisans devoted their passion in the art of making porcelain figurines, without neglecting any detail. The slightest gesture or expression of any part of the body was given utmost importance from the beginning.

The quality of the Lladro figurines is very high, due to the processes of review and tecquification of each of the figurines.

Any porcelain figurine that did not have adequate levels of quality or did not follow the required standards, was immediately rejected and removed from the manufacturing process.

Similarly, once the manufacturing of the figurines was finished, they had to pass another test of quality, which, if they were rejected, the seal was partially erased.

The porcelain figurine of this article is a fabulous pink shoe of a ballet dancer. It corresponds to one of the elaborations of the early days of the company Lladro.

This porcelain is rare and very hard to find, so the company Cocowif , advises it to the most experienced collectors of Lladro.

It belongs to the coveted pre-production list and the time of their manufacture was in the 1960s.

As I have mentioned in many articles of this blog, the company Lladro, is adapting to the new standards of decoration, and therefore, performing, fabulous artworks to be accommodated in modern decorations. But the fact of having a relic of Lladro, in any decor, whether modern or ancient, is a luxury; and will give you the elegance and prestige that any decor needs.

Besides the Lladro porcelain figurine of this article has a vivid color, and despite being small, you can break the monotony of the tenuous and soothing colors used in today’s decorations.





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