Collections of porcelain figurines of Lladro?

Collections of porcelain figurines of Lladro?

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Which are the different collections that the company Lladro, uses to rank to list its porcelain figurines?


  1. High Porcelain:

In this category the company Lladro, includes the largest and more representative figurines of porcelain. Its price is also higher.


Who are the new designers of porcelain figurine of Lladro?


  1. The Guest:

It includes porcelain figurines made by artisans of Lladro, but designed for beginners and leading artists from around the world, as Jaime Hayon, Tim Biskup, etc.


  1. Naturofantastic:

Porcelain groups as dishes, where fantasy plays an important role in the design.


  1. Classic children’s Tales:

Fantastic framed porcelain figurines with motives of characters and scenes from fairy tales, like the ugly duckling, the Bremen Town Musicians, Red Riding Hood, etc.


  1. Lladro Fragrances:

Matte porcelain stylish, very decorative in color white with the idea of ​​creating a unique and friendly atmosphere, with its aromas.


  1. Re-deco:

Different figurines of porcelain. They share the colors in white, black and gold. Most of these porcelain figurines are blank and matte finish. Spectacular porcelain figurines for current decorations.


  1. Fantasy by Jaime Hayon:

Group of porcelain figurines of Lladro designed by the amazing artist Jaime Hayon. His designs are characterized by fantasy and originality.


  1. The parrot party:

Another collections from the department, atelier; engine of new ideas for the company Lladro. Geometry contrasts with the realism of birds. The resulting figurines of porcelain are very artistic and elegant.


  1. Chinese Zodiac.

Porcelain figurines that represents different reasons of the Chinese zodiac.


  1. Lladro bath.

Decorative ítems of porcelain in white for the bathroom, as trays, candlesticks, vases, etc.


  1. Gres

It covers all types of porcelain figurines of different reasons, size and price, but in gres finish. This type of porcelain is rougher, and is not glass.


  1. Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein:

It includes decorative lighting porcelain objects, jewelry and decor.


  1. Metropolis:

Another group of porcelain decorative elements, from atelier department, whose objects include shapes of futuristic buildings that create the atmosphere of a city.


  1. Friends with you:

It includes very decorative porcelain ornaments, perfect for decorating Christmas trees.


  1. Leyend

They are porcelain figurines with motifs of angels, fairies and mythological characters


  1. Belle de nuit

Impressive collection of spider-shaped lamps and series of ceiling lamps, wall and table lamps. The designs are actual and very originals for modern decorations.


  1. Re-Cyclos by committe:

Stunning porcelain figurines, mostly white and matt finish, decorated with colored porcelain flowers. Awesome !!!!



Decorative table lamps with a sassy, ​​colorful and surreal.


We will be commenting on this blog, in more detail, each of the collections listed above.