Who are the new designers of porcelain figurine of Lladro?

Who are the new designers of porcelain figurine of Lladro?

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Who are the new designers of Lladro porcelain figurines?

This new designers of Lladro, are the turning of the company in these hard economic times and difficulties.

The fact that there are new designers, does not mean that the ancients do not stay at the company any longer, Veteran designers are still creating and producing porcelain figurines with their high level.

Lladro new designers are eight young artists with revolutionary, original and fantastic ideas.

Their names are Jaime Hayon, committee, Devilrobots, Paul Smith, Rolito, Bodo Sperlein, Tim Biskup and Gary basemen.

What does the company Lladro try to achieve from these eight artists?

This group is part of Atelier; This division has been created to break with the style of traditional porcelain and create a new style, a new concept and a new perception of the use of the porcelain.

Furthermore, the idea is not just to innovate the style of Lladro porcelain figurines, but enter and give original touches in other parts of the decoration, lighting, bathrooms, etc.

Who are the new designers of porcelain figurine of Lladro?

From my point of view, of the eight artists, the one with most successful for its originality and vision it has been, Jaime Hayon.

The Spanish designer has created a groundbreaking Lladro porcelain figurines, full of fantasy and originality.

Sperlein Bodo also has been a pioneer in the art of mixing plant and animal elements in objects and lighting decoration as elements for the table and jewelry. The merger between the natural and the elegance of the Lladró porcelain, converts this artist in unique and groundbreaking for the decoration of anywhere parts.

Lladro porcelain figurines devised by the artists, whose artistic name is committee, take on a special dimension with flowers as a symbol of love. They use Lladro molds and porcelain biscuit in color white. They Allude, with designs of porcelain, to many fundamental issues of life, but always providing a sense of humor.

In Cocowif, we can advise and of course, get for you, the most of this Lladro porcelain figurines of these artists. Nevertheless I want to mention that we, Cocowif, are specialist, and reference in retired and limited editions porcelain figurines of Lladro. However, we have learned to appreciate the tremendous talent of these artists and the importance acquired by all decorations when this objects are included with their groundbreaking designs.






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