New trends of rococo mirrors of porcelain lladro

New trends of rococo mirrors of porcelain lladro

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What are the new trends in the creation department of the company Lladro?

Lladro has surprised us, once again, with its line “Wall art”. This line is intended to create trend in today’s decors.

Among these trends we find a spectacular collection of rococo mirrors to give an elegant touch to the decor of our home.

The Rococo style, in spite of belonging to the seventeenth century, has again become fashionable and is being widely used in modern decorations.

The company has adapted ornaments Rococo, replacing porcelain ornaments, handmade by the artists of Lladro and always with the seal and the characteristic thoroughness of the company.

What is the material of these mirrors?

The frames of the mirrors of this collection are made of wood, but the decorations are fine porcelain.

The mirrors of this collection are made of different colors, shapes and sizes.

However, these mirrors contain a characteristic factor, influenced by the rococó style, which is the intensity of the colors combined with the elegance of soft and Golden colors.

This collection of mirrors of Lladro porcelain offers to all potential customers, the choice of 36 possible combinations, grouped in 6 different formats and 6 different decorations in every format.

How many mirrors are in each format?

Every possible combinations of mirrors of porcelain and wood is limited to 300 pieces, so its economic value will never be damaged by excess supply and you will not have the problem of seeing it in every other households, due to the small number of pieces that have this limited series of Lladro.

New trends of rococo mirrors of porcelain lladro

As I have been insisting on the previous articles in this blog of Cocowif, the Lladro company is doing a tremendous job to superate itself and try to be included among the new trends in today’s decors.

With this collection of porcelain mirrors, you have the possibility to give a touch of elegance and distinction with the highest level to your home, with the signature and seal of lladro.

Their different combinations offered by this collection with respect to size, shape and especially color, will allow you to choose between that mirror and highlight best matches to your decor.

Cocowif always advise to give Little touches of contrast to the decorations, as long as the decorative elements, are prestigious, as these mirrors of porcelain lladro, and of course, try to give an elegant and luxury touch.

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