Rosaries of Lladro porcelain

Rosaries of Lladro porcelain

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What is a Rosary and what is it?

The rosary is an item to perform a prayer of the Catholic religion, which lives up to twenty mysteries of the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Its usefulness is just the lead by the number of prayers that are performed with this prayer, because after each of the mysteries, we must recite one Our Father, ten Hail Marys and one Glory Father.

Each series of mysteries is composed of five different themes for meditation. The four blocks of series are detailed as set out below:

-Misteries of joy or joyful

-Misteries of bright or of light

-Misteries of Painful or of pain

-Misteries of glorious or of glory.

In the Rosary are included the 15 promises said by the beato Alano, that he said were received of the Virgin Mary, for those who devoutly pray the rosary also fall.

Who I can give a rosary as present?

The difficulty of giving something original to our mothers is a fact, and even more when the years go by and the possibilities are reduced. The company Lladro offers you a great idea, as long as your mother is religious and of course, catholic. To give a rosarie string of porcelain can be your salvation and more if it is a lover of special and retired porcelain figurines of Lladro.

The rosary we show in this article is a special collector’s item, a very hard to find piece, because it was made only between 1989 and 1991.

The beauty and finesse of this string of Lladro porcelain is spectacular, all the pieces are of fine porcelain in violet color, including on the cross small decorative flowers of porcelain, contrasting, in yellow color.

To our knowledge this piece of Lladro porcelain is unique and a very special gift.

The company Lladro, as you can see in our collection, not leave anyone indifferent, and represents in their creations every detail, place, religious elements, cultural, personal, mystical element, nature, animals, and many others; in order to accommodate all possible tastes of society.

The religious theme, especially the Catholic, is very important in a high percentage of porcelain figurines, that make up the huge collection of Lladro.


Rosaries of Lladro porcelain


Do not hesitate to contact us for information on other types of rosaries of Lladro porcelain that we have in our collection, in other colors and shapes and that we will be adding to our website

El tema religioso, en especial el católico, tiene una gran importancia en un alto porcentaje de las figuras de porcelana que componen la inmensa colección de Lladró.

No dudes contactar con nosotros para pedir información de otros tipos de rosarios de porcelana Lladró que tenemos en nuestra colección, de otros colores y formas y que iremos añadiendo a la página web