Flamenco; the art of the gypsy dancers with porcelain Lladro

Flamenco; the art of the gypsy dancers with porcelain Lladro

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What is flamenco?

Flamenco is a style of music designed by gypsys. The gypsy family has been, over the years, the main attendant in the task of promoting and evolve this kind of music, with songs and dances.

Flamenco has its beginnings in the nineteenth century in Flandes and more strongly established in the southern part of Spain, in Andalusia.

To say Andalucía is to say flamenco. This Spanish community is where flamenco has become more famous. This kind of music and of course, this kind of life is one of the main enteirtainments of this area

The Andalusian Flamenco is one of its biggest tourist attractions, apart from the weather, the beaches, the food and joy.

Flamenco is without doubt an artistic and musical genre, whose staging perfectly fits with cheerful and the fun character of the Andalusians people.

The company Lladro, wanted to pay tribute to this musical and artistic genre with an impressive figurine in Goyesco style porcelain.

The Lladro porcelain figurine represents two gypsy flamenco dancers in their traditional costumes.

This Lladro figurine perfectly captures the movement of the dancers, leaving no detail forgotten. You can see so clear, each dress wrinkles as a result of body movement of the dancers.

The type of finish of this porcelain figurine is Goyesco. This porcelain finish is very similar to gres finish. That is, the finish is not glazed and is more rustic.

The finish Goyesco keeps having a great success over the years, due to its pronounced similarity with the art of sculpture.

This type of porcelain has place in any decoration, from classic decoration to a modern decoration for their cake and soft tones.

The company Cocowif, considers this porcelain figurine, as one of the flagships of the collection. The difficulty of finding this Lladro porcelain is very high. It is ideal for collectors of  lladro porcelain, besides flamenco lovers.

Furthermore, only 250 pieces were made during 1993 and 1996.

Its price is € 8,000.00. But do not hesitate to enter into the site of Cocowif.com; because we have some discounts in Lladro porcelain figurines, which will make you not hesitate in the acquisition of this Lladro porcelain.

As you can see with this type of porcelain, it is far away from the typical style of Lladro porcelain figurines, giving importance to the movement, very typical of Art Deco.


Flamenco; the art of the gypsy dancers with porcelain Lladro