Racehorses in figurines of porcelain Lladro

Racehorses in figurines of porcelain Lladro

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The pure blood racing horses are an english origin breed, crossed with Arabian stallions. This breed was developed in the eighteenth century. So all thoroughbred horses are descended from one of the imported stallions from the Middle East.

Where are most famous thoroughbred horses?

The boom of these horses has its place in England, where the passion for horse racing is special. Thoroughbreds are designed to run at a gallop.

Another place where you can find real passionate people of horses is in Kentucky, Florida and California (United States). 35,000 copies are recorded about every year.

The passionate about horses, it is not only the ones who are in love with the speed and racing, besides there are a huge group of people who love how docile and beautiful they are.

Most of the people would like to have at least one horse, but its high cost and the impossibility of being able to care in a suitable environment, causes these animals lovers, opt for going to contemplate them to the countryside or racing.

However, the company Lladro, wanted to pay tribute to the racehorse with many porcelain figurines, including the one I am particularly passionate about, undoubtedly, is the porcelain bust of the following photo.


Racehorses in figurines of porcelain Lladro


The plasticity and realism with which the artist has developed the features of the head are amazing. The accuracy can be seen in the form of the horse, it looks authentic.

Similarly wavy hair and veins on the face give a tremendous realism to the porcelain figurine.

This porcelain has been designed by artist Enrique San Isidro, the type of porcelain is called Goyesca.

How is porcelain Goyesca?

This type of porcelain is matt finish, so that such porcelain figures are the closest thing to bronze sculptures.

The tone of this type of Goyesca porcelain are dull and dark.

So these parts can, perfectly, be used in any modern decor with warm, soft and white colors.

The contrast of this porcelain with a background of white wall is spectacular.


Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you have regarding this Lladro porcelain figurine or any other you like from the website. Remember that a lot of figurines from our collection, are not yet included in the web.