When Lladro began to make figurines of porcelain?

When Lladro began to make figurines of porcelain?

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When Lladro began to make  this incredible and beautiful figurines of porcelain?

Lladro began producing figurines of porcelain almost 55 years ago, in 1951.

In those years the Lladró brothers began modestly and with real difficulties of all kinds, their activities as creators of porcelain. Those early years were hard but very positive from the point of view of development of a human activity.

During that first times many trials and many corrections were developed to achieve the success they have subsequently been Lladró porcelain figurines.

How were those early years?


Obviously, they were difficult years, years of trial and effort to acquire a personal way to do a quality Works, that was done and especially in their own style.

There were almost fifteen years that were consumed in finding a way to an own original expression and different to others, and with a large market product.

They were years of creations, ideas, projects, tests, trials, comparisons, amendments and endly of large doses of reality achieved.


A few years to create a style and a work was structured: the unmistakable Lladro style.


What kind of work was done in those early years?


The works that were performed in those years, now it seem historical, these are works that, despite its nature, perhaps not yet fully defined, and have their character, have an own profile, announcing aloud what to be shortly.


The Lladró brothers were able to create, from the outset, these porcelain figurines with a particular and distinctive mark, so own stylization, that mixture of flexibility, elegance and personality.


When Lladro began to make figurines of porcelain?



The porcelain figurines shown in this article of the blog belong to the first times and you can perfectly observe the styling, refinement and delicacy of all porcelain figurines.

There are figurines of dancers, very pleasing to the public by the originality of the tutu, which seems to open up like a flower, still a marvel of craftsmanship, very common in the production of the first period of porcelain figurines of the company Lladro.


When Lladro began to make figurines of porcelain?



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When Lladro began to make figurines of porcelain?