How can I make an insurance in a porcelain figurine of Lladro?

How can I make an insurance in a porcelain figurine of Lladro?

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How can I make an insurance when I buy a porcelain figurine of Lladro? 

The company Lladró offers its customers the opportunity to purchase an insurance for breakage for all Lladro porcelain figurines.

This is the Lladro Assurance program (LAP), which allows the buyer to purchase again the figurine of porcelain or a similar one with lower Price, with a 33% discount on the selling price to the public in any authorized dealer of Lladró.

To Which group of porcelains is this insurance goes to?

This insurance is intended only to active porcelain figurines of Lladro, no to the retired ones. That logically, are not sold in official stores of Lladro.

The retired figurines of porcelain Lladró, can only be bought at the second market. You could also make a personal private insurance to this figurines of porcelain, been indemnified the insurer, in case of disaster, for the purchase value in the invoice.

How can you actívate this insurance?

To activate this insurance is only necessary to fill the certificate you will find inside the box and send it by mail to lladro for free. Also you can do so by calling to the phone number on the certificate or through the website of Lladro (, creations and then clicking on the insurance link  of Lladró.

Into the certificate you will find a brochure that carefully explains this insurance and all the conditions, as well as a card that the client must save completaly filled to enjoy insurance.

The certificate shall also indicate the authentication code of the Lladro porcelain figurine, which guarantees you to be in possession of a true Lladro porcelain figurine.

Insurance is only valid for the Lladro porcelain figurine that corresponds to the code, it also lets you know the date of manufacture, the retailer and the owner of the figurine of porcelain.

A guarantee that turns customers into possession of a unique and unrepeatable porcelain figurine of Lladro.

Why is it better to ensure a porcelain figurine, in order to acquire a new porcelain, that to restore it in case of breakage?

As I have explained in previous articles, porcelain figurines lose a high percentage of their economic value when they are restored. A restored work, logically, can not have the same economic value as a porcelain figurine that is in perfect condition.

Hence, it is more efficient to purchase, if you have the financial capacity, a new figurine of porcelain, with the discounts offered by insurance, in case of breakage.