Retro furniture, amazing bar decorated in retro style

Retro furniture, amazing bar decorated in retro style

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What is retro style and the difference between retro furniture and vintage furniture?

Both refer to the past, but the main difference is that while the vintage furniture is 100% from an earlier era, retro furniture may be made with today motif, utensils and style of a previous era or an old cabinet, with modern decoration.

That is, the main difference is that one is old purebred and the other has a current small deviation.

But yes indeed, which no doubt at all, it is true, that both, retro furniture and vintage furniture are fascinating, elegant and stylish  for the decoration of any home or space.



As you can see in the picture the bar is an actual wooden piece painted in black, White, red and yellow lines with a 1970’s piece of metacrylate with led lights, accompained by three spectacular 1950`s decorated stools with new upholstered.

As you can see the point of the decoration of this bar is inspired in a barcode.

It is perfect to invite your family and friends to have a drink. Give the powerful touch to the decoration of your home with this retro furniture.

In Cocowif we give a lot of importance to retro furniture, changed the look of our antiques through modernst decorations. We do not mind the period of antiquity, we make retro furniture, with antique furniture from old nineteenth century to vintage furniture from the 70-80. The idea is to give a special and different touch to the Antique pieces, in order to make it unique, amazing and vital to decorating any space and home.


The current trend is to decorate your home in a unique and welcoming space.

You don’t need not follow the fashions of vintage furniture and retro furniture, and destrones the antiques of your home. Don’t do it!!!

The idea is to mix all styles; create an eclectic decoration, where antiques are highlighted by the colors and the joy of retro furniture, as well as by the more aggressive designs of vintage furniture.

The decoration should never be radical, you have to know how to combine trends.

From my point of view is equally appalling, total minimalist decor, absolutely full of antique or retro furniture or vintage furniture or art deco furniture decoration.

We must highlight the parts with another era or trend. For me, a radical decoration with an unique style or trend, makes the furniture to lose the prominence and the importance of these decorative pieces. Do not burn your antiques, retro furniture or your vintage furniture, even to become decorate your home in a minimalist place. Mix the trends and styles and don`t be afraid. The touch of a retro furniture can allow you to give the missing point, that you are looking for in the decoration of your home.