Flirty and playful dogs in Lladro porcelain figurines

Flirty and playful dogs in Lladro porcelain figurines

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The pieces are made directly in the workshops of the Lladro brand are highly prized for their excellent quality and design of their almost perfect porcelain figurines. Our porcelain figurine “Playful Dogs” is definitely an example of the originality of the prestigious brand. Our websit features a wide range of products of Lladro porcelain figurines to purchase.

The main intention of Lladro when thy made this porcelain figurine, is to do a tribute to dogs, as these animals, apart from its undeniable loyalty to his master, make happy to most of people and entertain a lot of homes. Dogs are vital, as pets and they will never leave you alone.

In the City of Lladro Porcelain, manufacturing is performed by the best sculptors, painters and chemicals, who perfectly control all products of this material. Required by interior designers and decorators, are used in decorating homes, hotels, fancy restaurants, businesses, offices, shop windows, etc. Their models are unique and filled with a special liquid-paste porcelain, through a technical procedure created by Lladro brothers in Valencia. With various ornamentations maintains a characteristic brightness of the brand, leaving his mark on each product, certified and listed in series.

His hand painted porcelain figurines are exposed to quality control, determined by the company, to ensure the excellence of its parts. The presence of Lladro company at national and global level, has won multiple awards, recently promoted the creation of a School Scholars, which already has almost 100 children. The Community of Valencia, which gave birth to these brothers recognized a landmark in the history of porcelain figurines, which should last over the time.

But we must recognize that sculptors who work for the company, with his creations, continually consider it, as real test of the Lladro brothers approval. When the pieces have been reviewed and are considered by them, they are certified to complete the manufacturing process and top ut them on the market. These are some of the many reasons, we have decided to maintain our proposal to customers looking for decoration, luxurious scenes of her porcelain figurines. Remember we are to advise you on everything you need to know, about the antiques and porcelain figurines that we sell.


Flirty and playful dogs in Lladro porcelain figurines


The Lladro porcelain figurine, playful dogs, representing a couple of dogs playing with a ball, has as reference number #1001258. Its size is 15 centimeters tall. The porcelain finish is glaze. And is valued at 700 euros. You can include this porcelain in any decoration, because the dogs always give you a fun and different twist. Its year-out was in 1974 and was discontinued in 1981.

It is a very special porcelain figurine for collectors. Also it is very hard to find.


Flirty and playful dogs in Lladro porcelain figurines


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