Children stealing fruits, Capo di monte porcelain figurines

Children stealing fruits, Capo di monte porcelain figurines

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When we talk about the porcelain Capo di Monte that we offer in our website, we can perfectly speak about the quality at its finest. For any special occasion, don’t forget, that we have a extent variaty of figurines of Capo di monte.

Have you ever been in this situation? You probably have done it a lot of time when you were a kid. Get others fruits from someone kids was a special momento of all summers when we were kids. Don’t you think???

One of its beautiful figurines is “Children stealing fruits”, an amazing and exclusive manufacturing where you can appreciate the excellent work of Capo di Monte. This trademark was born in Naples in 1743 and remains in effect to this day, with its beautiful fully molded figurines and applied flowers in vases, cups, which are their specialty. They are chosen for decoration in all environments and locations, enhancing the style even modern.

Their shapes are the most famous in Italy and are exported to all over the world. Traditional porcelain is marked Capo di Monte, has the best Neapolitan artists creating their images as listed. With a lot of dedication and creativity, fine figurines are produced for decoration, they have very intricate designs with antique motifs. From small vessels, even larger ones are made with special care and detail. With high complexity and precision the most talented artisans are gathered at Capo di Monte firm, offering a scene or maintained and flawless figurine.


Figurine of porcelain Capo di monte of group of children stealing fruit.


It is necessary to ensure its authenticity, with labels that are attached to each figurine and containing an icon detailing: “Certificate of Authenticity”. When the pieces are purchased, it is advisable to verify their authenticity and control that the porcelain figurine have the corresponding certification company. Its high quality porcelain was made in the Royal Factory of the beautiful Italian city. Every corner of the pieces created by Capo di Monte, resemble real pictures.

You can choose between fine statuettes with few details, even the largest with more decoration, its price varies depending on the size, the period and varying amounts of detail. We represent the brand Capo di Monte, advise and serve with careful attention to all our clients, with very competitive prices. Learn the advantages of purchasing a figurine of excellent workmanship, discover us.

This porcelain figurine “Group of children stealing fruit”, perfectly express the quality in the design of all the expressions in the kids faces. The leaves of the tree and the rest of details are amazingly made. The size of this figurine of porcelain Capo di monte is 42 cm x 32 cm x 36 cm. The finish of this porcelain is matte.

You can buy this figurine for 1.200 euros in our website.