The real value of a retro furniture

The real value of a retro furniture

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I love retro furnitures !!!! But, really, what is a retro furniture?

Retro furniture is an Antique decorated with actually motifs, decorations, utensils and style of an earlier time, ie, it is an Antique furniture or other antiques with modern and contemporary decoration.

What are the differentiates with vintage furniture?

Both, retro furniture and vintage furniture are refer to the past, but the main difference is that while the vintage furniture is 100% from an earlier era, retro furniture is an antique that has currently decorations, and also it could be a current furniture with decoration of an earlier era.

The real value of a retro furniture

How Antique furniture becomes a retro furniture?

Actually you can créate wonderful things with antique furnitures; all you need is courage and decisión to touch an antique and old and to turn it into a special retro furniture.

The most important job for a decorator of retro furnitures and the one that take the longest period of time, is the construction of the idea. The creation of an idea in photoshop, the combination of shapes and colors is vital.

Subsequently, besides, it is necessary, being a good decorator and restorer of antiques, you have to be very meticulous, and never get short with hands paint and varnish.

A simple decoration on an antique is considered retro?

The level of aggressiveness when decorating an antique to créate a retro furniture is imposed by the artist or the client. Both must be aware of the level of transformation of the antique.

Of course a simple decoration in the Antique furniture makes it a retro furniture; considered as decoration, a house with no furnitures at all.

The level of agressiveness in the retro furniture is choosen by each person, depending on your tastes.



Cocowif, Store for antiques and retro furnitures in Palma de Majorca, has a wide variety of retro furnitures. Among them you can enjoy very aggressive retro furniture and others where it has only a single touch of paint in the antique so it gives another point of view for any decoration.

The real value of a retro furniture





Do not try to decorate your home, just with retro furnitures. Excess may distort the colorful beauty of these converted antiques. The same way, that an excess of antiques, becomes monotonous (typical houses of our grandmothers). You should not be radical in the decorations. The idea of this retro trend, is to be able to combine the grace and the colorful of the retro furnitures with other styles.

You should include some retro furnitures between your antiques and see how your old furniture will become more important in the decoration.