Lladro reinvents himself, with the newest of guest by Paul Smith

Lladro reinvents himself, with the newest of guest by Paul Smith

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When the porcelain figurines were starting to be considered as a classic porcelain decoration element, the designs of Lladro are copleted reinvented with Paul Smith and his new collection “The Guest”. A fresh and modern air is coming from England, with funny fashion touches to create two new Guest of the most rowdy and funny signature collection.

Lladro has fused the classical tradition of creating porcelain figurines, with new creative designs, with Paul Smith.

The essence of Lladro, a brand in constantly reinvention, by its 60-year of history, perfectly fits with Paul Smith, always anticipating trends, who is continualy revising and updating the classic. This is what characterizes the path of Paul Smith. He gives life to innovative classics.

Another common links between the two works is, without doubt, the passion for the detail. If Lladro works in the thoroughness with its porcelain figurines, with his working artists, Paul Smith agrees that it is in the details where surprises are revealed. Both, famous for bringing the colors to the strict codes of English label, says that the distinction is in these peculiarities and colors; going through the last corner and form, as part of the style the ones who wear his garments.