Authenticity of figurines of porcelain Lladro; value: What is Nao?

Authenticity of figurines of porcelain Lladro; value: What is Nao?

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If you’re thinking about buying a figurine of porcelain Lladro and you are not sure of the authenticity of the figurine of porcelain that you are buying, do not forget the following tips:
1º The most important one: Check the mark printed or engraved on the bottom:

The seal must be identical to those set out below (and also you can check on the official website of Lladro). The shape and seal type vary according to the seniority; seals being engraved on  the figurine of porcelain, means an earlier period.


Authenticity of figurines of porcelain Lladro; value: What is Nao?


VERY IMPORTANT !!!!, the drawing logo (flower shaped) must be completed. If you just see half of the flower, it will also belong to the company Lladro, BUT it means that the figurine of porcelain is DEFECTIVE FACTORY, because it did not match with the minimum standards required by Lladro.

Lladro erase the logo to all those figurines of porcelain that came defective in the process of realization, and are sold at a price significantly lower. The value of the engraved seals is, normally, higher than the others seals for the earlier period they were made.


2.-In order to find out an approximate valuation of your figurine of porcelain Lladro, you can go to WWW.COCOWIF.COM and send the reference (if you know) or a picture; and we will advise you for free of charge; or to the official website of Lladro via internet ( or by going to any official store in the place where you live.

Never confuse for an economic valuation purposes, the figurines of porcelain Lladro with the figurines of porcelain Nao. Even though, both are manufactured in the same place, do not follow the same standards of production, besides they don’t have the same economic value. The value of Nao to economic effects, is less than Lladro.

Never forget, Lladro and Nao is not the same, despite both belong to the same group.


What is the difference among open issues, limited edition, numbered issue and retired figures of Lladro porcelain?

Open issue: Figurines of porcelain Lladro that are on sale and are manufactured in an unlimited number since its release date and have not been retired.

Limited Edition: Figurines of porcelain Lladro that are manufactured in limited numbers from the launch date. The number of units is fixed before production of porcelain and will be sold until finish, along with a certificate showing the part number and reference.

Numbered issue: Figurines of porcelain Lladro that are unlimited manufactured from the date of its release until cancellation. They are numbered unlimited and show a numbered certificate.

Retired figurines: figurines of porcelain Lladro that are no longer manufactured; with year earlier cancellation.

What is NAO?; differences with LLADRO

Nao has always belonged to the Lladro Group. The artistic creation of figurines of porcelain is done by different workers of the Lladro group to separate the two marks. The consequence of Lladro to belong to the same group ensures high quality in porcelain NAO. Experience of NAO artisans, in most cases, goes back many years.

The largest number of collectors and followers of NAO are in Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

NAO means Ship, this is the explanation for the image of the ship in the logo.

What is Daisa on the basis of the figurines?

It is the name of the company Lladro with the ownership of intellectual property of the porcelains.

Do not forget that the economic rating of the figurines of porcelain Lladro excedes to the figurines of porcelain Nao and Daisa.

Do not hesitate to contact to COCOWIF in order to find out any doubt you could have about figurines of porcelain Lladro. We will be completely happy to help you.

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